Amazing Therapeutic Touch of Eden | Plano, TX

Amazing Therapeutic Touch of Eden provides massage and bodywork services for the Plano, Texas area. Our practice provides trained and licensed massage therapists who can help clients with full body massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and more.

Massage and body work can help with a number of health and wellness issues such as muscle tension and pain, poor circulation, flexibility, mental and physical fatigue, stress, blood pressure and more. People who receive massage therapy often experience better sleep, improved concentration and an overall improved sense of well-being.

We specialize in providing a number of massage services, including pre-natal massage and back massage. Prior to your massage or bodywork session, your practitioner will ask you general questions about your health to ensure you have no conditions that may make massage or bodywork unadvisable for you.

With the help of the qualified massage therapist  of Amazing Therapeutic Touch of Eden, you can enjoy better health and increased focus and energy.